New in MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 14 - Apply 2D Constraints to Mid-point of Elements

MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 14 introduces support for mid-point in its 2D constraint tools.

Applying constraints is an integral part of any parametric design. We are constantly striving to make parametric modeling tools better and ease users’ parametric workflows. In Update 14 you can now directly constrain a point to the mid-point of a line, edge or arc, without the need to create a dimension constraint or an expression-driven variable.

An end point or mid-point can be constrained to the mid/end points of another geometry or to any other available constraining point, such as the center of an ellipse or circle.

This enhancement affects the following 2D constraint tools:

  • 2D Coincident
  • 2D fixed
  • 2D Concentric
  • 2D Distance

Watch the video below that demonstrates this functionality on simple geometry for clarity:

While this may seem as a minor enhancement, it makes the creation of more complex, well constrained profiles much easier and faster for both the designer…and for MicroStation!

We hope you will enjoy our constraints and parametric modeling even more with this new feature! Do let us know your feedback on this in our user forums. 

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