New in MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 14 – Choose a Mode to Offset Solid Edges

The Offset Solid Edges tool now offers greater flexibility to users by allowing you to choose a specific Mode to offset solid edges while imprinting geometry on a solid. You can now choose between Original and Round options in the Mode field in the Offset Solid Edges tool setting window:

Modeling > Solids > Features > Imprint

  1. Select the solid.
  2. Choose a method to offset.
  3. Optionally choose distance of offset.
  4. Select Mode of offset (Round is effective only when method is set to Loop).
  5. Select the solid.
  6. Identify the planar face of the solid on which you wish to imprint.
  7. Place data point to accept the offset.

Do share your feedback about this enhancement in our community forums.

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