New in MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 15

We are happy to announce the launch of MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 15 which is a power-packed release, loaded with several new features, workflows, and enhancements. MicroStation team is constantly striving to prioritize users’ requests for enhancements to make their workflows seamless and friction-free. Efforts are also on to make a transition to MicroStation smoother and the performance of existing features better. You will see the result of these heedful steps as the below list of new items in Update 15.

You will find significant changes in Update 15 that will enable you to carry out your DWG workflows with ease and take advantage of the CONNECT configuration while migrating your DWG folder structures to MicroStation. You can now take advantage of a new dark-themed user interface while working in MicroStation. Update 15 introduces the Parametric Components dialog which consolidates three important tools in one location, viz. Named Presentations, Perforators, and Placement points. You can use web-based iTwin Design review as a Public Technology Preview feature which will make sharing, reviewing, and collaboration on projects simple and seamless. Update 15 allows Summarization and aggregation within reports.

Update 15 is out, donning these features and a host of other significant tools and enhancements, which will be discussed in detail in subsequent blogs.

Before we move to the complete list of new tools and enhancements in Update 15, please take note of the below terminology changes:

Previously Used

Updated to

Commercial Release

General Availability

(Technology Preview) General Access

Public Technology Preview

(Technology Preview) Limited Access

Private Technology Preview

Features that go out with the commercially available Update will be termed as General Availability features. Technology preview features available to all users will be called Public Technology Preview features while features available only via a token will be called Private Technology preview.

Below is the list of new features, stay tuned for detailed blogs on each:

DWG Enhancements

Productivity Enhancements

Public Technology Preview

Performance Enhancements

Stay tuned for blogs on these features. You can read more about these and access related help content here.