New in MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 15 - (Public Technology Preview) iTwin Design Review

With every update of MicroStation CONNECT Edition, the ability to working with ease and offering a better experience is evolving. With the recent update, you can now simplify your sharing capabilities and web-based model viewing with iTwin Design Review. It leverages the iTwin Design Review web application which is a cloud-based design review and collaboration tool. This is now available in the Analyze tab in the Drawing workflow.

iTwin Design Review allows a hybrid 2D/3D workflow for design review. It makes working on your formal design reviews and work in progress files easy with web-based collaboration.

Experience fast design review and project coordination in One Product with Two Workflows:

It allows you to determine your own team level Review and Approval Steps and plan your Session Workflow.

iTwin Design Review and Approval Steps

iTwin Design Review Session Workflow

Features available in AdHoc iTwin Design Review

View and Navigate through shared design files

The interface is simplified with easy navigation for all the review designs to the users.

Collaborate and Create Comments with other Reviewers

Collaborating with other reviewers is now easy with every comment as it includes real-time chat, status codes, attachments and much more.

Measurement Tools

Quickly and easily measure distance, areas, slopes and other problem areas to the comments.

Civil Review Tools

View cross sections and profiles and take measurements based on the model

How to start a Design Review

  1. Start Comment tool it will open Design review Session Register and log in at
  2. Create a new review session. It will process the Opened file to Model
  3. Invite additional review participants
  4. You can now review your model and Add Comments.

iTwin Design Review can also be accessed at You can access help content for iTwin Design Review cloud-based application here. Please note you must have an IMS account to use this tool.

Benefits of iTwin Design Review

Initiate Review

Initiate reviews directly from your design models

Discipline-Specific Review

Collaborate using purpose-built tools for discipline-specific reviews

Time Consumption

Avoid wasting time on disjoined communications and workarounds.

Web-based collaboration

Hassle-free review with no installs for reviewers or collaborators.


Learn more about the collaboration and capabilities of iTwin Design Review with MicroStation CONNECT Edition.

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We look forward to hearing from you about how useful this enhancement is and if you have any suggestions for improvement. if you’re interested in speaking with a Bentley expert about making the move to MicroStation CONNECT Edition, please complete this form to have someone contact you to provide advice and assistance.

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