New in MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 15 - (Public Technology Preview) Attach Item Dialog

With MicroStation’s update 15, you can now use the new Attach Item Dialog to add, view, and edit item type information and its common properties. It is fairly simple and supports filters and search. This is available in the Item Types group under the Content tab.

This new dialog was is faster and offers more immediate means for attaching multiple Item Types by using simple checkboxes. You can also edit properties that are common to the selected Item Types so that you can reduce the need for repetitive work in some scenarios.

Access to the New Attach Item Dialog

You can access the new Attach Item Dialog from the Item Types Manager (Drawing > Content > Item Types > Attach Items or attach items or with the help of the key-in.


Access to the Old Attach Item Tool Setting

Should you need to use the old item type attach dialog, this can be accessed via key-in or by opening the Item Type Dialog right-click on an Item Type and select Attach Item from the reset menu.

The old Item Type dialog will be removed in one of the future MicroStation releases.



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