New in MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 15 - (Public Technology Preview) WMTS -Web Map Tile Services

Web Map Tile Service is a standard protocol for serving pre-rendered tiles by the server or real-time computed geo-referenced map tiles over the Internet. With MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 15, this feature is now Public Technology Preview. The OpenGIS® Web Map Tile Service Interface Standard (WMTS) provides a series of tile images from the geo-spatial databases and is assembled to acquire the final map.

In Raster Manager, you can create new or attach existing Web Map Tile Service files using the Attach WMTS setting available in the Files menu. Additionally, You can also manage WMTS Servers using the Servers Manager dialog accessible through the WMTS Map Editor Dialog 

WMTS Map Editor Dialog

The WMTS Map Editor Dialog is used to create WMTS map definition. You can easily create a new map definition file or open an existing one along with options such as Save, Save As, option to select Servers, View list of server’s available layers etc.

The WMTS Map Editor Dialog hosts a variety of options such as:

WMTS Map Editor Dialog, Map Layers Section

Map Layers Section displays information about the currently selected layers. It contains a list of options such as, Layer Title, Layer Name, Style Title, Style Name etc. Also contains controls to change the display order and to remove layers from a map.

WMTS Map Editor Dialog, Settings Tab

The Settings Tab displays the settings of the current, server, map definition file and selected layers. It has information such as Server, Map definition and Selected Layers.

WMTS Map Editor Dialog, Preview Tab

The Preview tab allows you to see a preview of the map definition with the selected layers. When the map definition is loading the tab label says Preview (Updating). When the map definition has been loaded the tab label says Preview (Ready).

Servers Manager Dialog

The Servers Manager Dialog is used to select and manage WMTS servers. Opens when you click the Servers (selection) button in the WMTS Map Editor Dialog.


This, and more on WMTS, a standard protocol for serving pre-rendered tiles by the server is available on MicroStation CONNECT Edition.

To see what else is new in Update 15 please read New in MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 15.

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