New in MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 15.02 – Collaborate Tab and Attach iTwin tool

Update 15.02 introduces the new Collaborate ribbon tab. The Collaborate tab hosts the new Collaboration tool group, which unifies all the iTwin services and collaboration tools for seamless coordination between teams and team members on a project. This new group hosts the iTwin Synchronizer (as Sync to iTwin), the new Attach iTwin tool, the Create and Manage issues tools, Open iTwin, and the Project portal tools.

Sync to iTwin launches the iTwin Synchronizer desktop application. The iTwin Synchronizer enables you to synchronize your design data to an iModel on the iModelHub. iTwin Synchronizer was launched in Update 14 as a technology preview feature and is now commercially available in Update 15.02. You can read more about iTwin Synchronizer here.

Attach iTwin introduced in Update 15.02 lets you attach an iModel from the hub to your DGN in MicroStation as a reference. This opens opportunities for you to consume the iModels in your design. This tool is also accessible from the References dialog. You can find more information on the tool in our product Help.

Create Issue is a part of the Issue Resolution workflow. Earlier, this tool was accessible from within the Manage Issues dialog, but now it has an independent UI entry from the Collaboration tab for quicker access. You can create and manage issues with the help of this tool. You can add attachments and comments to an issue for reference. 

Manage Issues helps you to view and manage issues created for a project. You can view details, attachments, and comments related to an issue in a detail grid within the dialog. This dialog was previously accessible from the Analyze tab. You can find more information on the recent upgrades to this tool in our product help.

Open iTwin opens the iModel Manager in, where you can view and manage your Project’s iModels.

Project Portal opens the Home page.

It is important to note that:

  • If a DGN is not associated with a WorkSet, most of the above tools will be disabled. However, you will see the Create WorkSet tool available in the Collaborate group so that you may create a WorkSet for the DGN.
  • If a WorkSet is not associated with a ProjectWise project, then too, most of the above tools will be disabled for use, and the Associate Project to WorkSet tool will be available in the Collaborate group so that you may assign a project to your WorkSet.

    Once the above are met, all the tools under Collaborate group will be available for use.

    The other tool groups you will find under the Collaborate umbrella are Clash Detection and Markup tools that may go with your collaboration workflows.

    So, as you take advantage of the Collaborate tab and its tools to enhance your workflows stay tuned for more updates.

    MicroStation is continuously evolving to support digital twins and support and bring together a gamut of cloud services. You will witness some exciting changes in the upcoming releases of the software. We would love to hear from you! Please share your feedback, comments, and questions with us on MicroStation Forums.