New in MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 15 – New Fields Available in Reports Dialog

The Properties section in the Reports dialog has a new field and filters available in Update 15. The Options field is newly added to the Included Items section. This field allows you to choose from ‘Include Used Classes’ and ‘Include All Classes’ options. The Options field is available for report definitions saved to or available in the active file.

The Item Types field has a new filter introduced for a better selection of item types.

When you select the corresponding drop-down button, the Item Types window opens.

In this window, you will now see an additional section called ‘Include these Item Types’ in addition to the ‘And these related items’ section.

If you select an item type from the Include These Item Types list, then only the selected item types will be included in the report results. If you select a related item from the Add these related items list, then you get the Toggle required related item button  . If this button is turned on, then the item will only be included in the report results if it has the specified related item(s). If the button is off, all items will be included regardless of whether or not the related item(s) exist. 

In the Add these related items list, you can also select indirect relationships. For example, say a text element resides in a model that resides in a DGN file. In this case, the DGN file can be selected as an indirectly related item of the element. In the drop-down list, the selection will be Element resides in Model > Model resides in Design File > Files.

We hope that this new filter helps you achieve higher productivity with your report generating workflows. Please share any feedback, comments and queries on our community forums.

MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 15 is a feature-rich release. To find out about other new, productivity-enhancing capabilities available in Update 15, please read New in MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 15.

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