New in MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 16 - Ability to Specify Grid Shift Files in your custom Datums

In Update 16 datums based on the method “Grid Shift Files” will now indicate in their properties the grid file format, direction of application and the file name. This will apply to both system libraries and user libraries.

In the Select Geographic Coordinate System dialog, right-click on the name of a user-library and select Edit Datums to open the Edit Datums dialog. To define a new custom datum, select New or to edit one of your custom datums, select the datum from the list and select Edit.

For detailed instructions on how to define Grid Shift Files in a Datum read product Help.

Watch the following video for a quick demo:

Note: Since this enhancement is introduced in Update 16, please read about its behavior when loaded in previous updates please read Backward Compatibility.  A user library containing user-defined datums using grid shift files can be read by previous versions of MicroStation and all datum not based on grid shift files remain available. In older versions of MicroStation, however, the Grid Shift file-based user datum can be edited but not renamed.

Take advantage of this enhancement in your workflows and feel free to provide your feedback or ask any questions on our Community Forums.

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You can peek at the Update 16 highlights in this short video.