New in MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 16 - Fix Placement Points

Update 16 introduces the ability to fix a desired Placement point while placing a parametric cell in a design. If you are using placement points (introduced in Update 15 as technology preview) in parametric modeling, you will find this enhancement very useful. You can now choose one of the placement points to remain fixed after placement. You can do so in the Place Parametric Cell dialog by turning the corresponding checkbox on. After placement of the cell, the selected placement point becomes rigid and any variation applied to the parametric cell will respect the location of this placement point.

Once the cell is placed in a design the placement points are hidden, but they can be displayed by right-clicking on the cell and selecting Show Placement Point. Likewise, to hide the placement points you can select Hide Placement Points from the right-click/reset menu.

You can use Alt key to toggle between the different placement points during placement.

The Parametric Components dialog is now commercially available in Update 16.

Take advantage of this enhancement in your workflows and feel free to provide your feedback or ask any questions on our Community Forums.

To find out what else is new in this update watch this video.