New in MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 16 - Search for Pick List Values in the Attach Item Dialog

In addition to the extended settings available in the new Attach Item Dialog, Update 16 brings to you the ability to search and filter out picklist values. This enhancement is particularly useful while working with large datasets with exhaustive lists of picklist values.

In the Attach Item dialog (Drawing > Attach > Item Types > Attach Item), select the picklist drop-down in the Properties section.

In the picklist drop-down menu (refer image above), you can select the desired value from the displayed list. If the list is long to scroll through, you can search for the value by its name in the Search bar. You can also use the two sort buttons next to the Search bar to sort the values by names in alphabetical order. Once you have selected a value, it displays in the Type field in the Properties section.

The next step will be to select the element to attach the item type to and accept.

You can also search for a pick list value to attach in the element’s Properties.

Now it is super simplified for you to select picklist values from long lists saving you time and reducing chances of error. The Item Types dialog also allows you to source picklist values from Excel files along with DGNLibs. You can read more on this and other Pick List enhancements introduced in Update 16 here.

Hope this enhancement is useful for you. Please share any feedback or ask questions in our Community forums.

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You can peek at the Update 16 highlights in this short video.