New in MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 16 - VUE Render Setup Manager

VUE offers many excellent ready-to-use rendering presets that can be used as-is. But if you wish to tweak and customize these rendering settings, Update 16 offers you the Render Setup Manager dialog to conveniently do so.

The VUE Rendering engine, introduced as a technology preview in the last update, is now generally available in Update 16. VUE offers sophisticated render presets that you can use to create photorealistic renders and scenes. VUE supports superior rendering and lighting effects as compared to Luxology which is now deprecated and moved to Limited Availability. The VUE rendering engine uses Global Radiosity and supports Path tracing. With VUE you can use the Atmosphere Editor which helps you accurately render the atmosphere and includes support for traditional gradients and image-based environments.

The Render Setup manager has separate Tabs for Path Tracer and Ray Tracer. Some settings are shared while some settings are specific to each tab.

The naming convention for the presets is changed slightly:

  • Good - gives you good results
  • Better - is similar to Good but adds texture filtering and is recommended for rendering animation frames
  • Best - will produce better quality results but will take longer to render
  • Extreme - useful if your scene is suffering from noise, splotches, or blotches. Rendering time for this preset will be significantly longer.

All the above presets can be customized if needed using the Render Setup Manager dialog.

You will love working with the new VUE render engine and its settings. Do share your feedback, comments, or queries in our Community Forums.

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You can peek at the Update 16 highlights in this short video.