New in MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 16 - VUE Rendering replaces Luxology as a Generally Available feature

VUE is the latest, state of the art, rendering engine that enables you to create stunning renders, easily in MicroStation. VUE was initially released as a technology preview feature in MicroStation Update 15 and is now a commercially available feature in Update 16.

VUE is now MicroStation’s default rendering solution, replacing Luxology, which is now deprecated and no longer available in MicroStation.

The new MicroStation VUE rendering engine has been designed for being easy to use, quick and produce high quality results. It supports Path Tracing, which is a very easy to use, physically unbiased and capable of the highest photorealistic quality images, and true atmospheres for easy and super-realistic scene renders.

The Path Tracer uses the latest, state-of-the-art denoisers algorithm by Intel and NVIDIA to produce incredible quality images in a fraction of the time, taking advantage of the latest advancements in processors and GPUs.

MicroStation VUE comes with ready to use quality pre-sets, to make the rendering experience simple and painless. You only need to:

  • Assign materials to your models, add lights and setup cameras as desired
  • Select a rendering quality preset
  • Pick an atmosphere
  • Click the render button

Take a few minutes to watch these introductory videos to start rendering with MicroStation VUE right away!

Simplified Rendering using VUE

VUE Rendering dialog overview

Path Tracer and Denoising

For FAQs related to VUE Rendering read this article.

Don’t forget to visit our MicroStation VUE Gallery which showcases some interesting renders created using the VUE engine and feel free to add to the collection!

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