New in MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 16.1 – Placement Points, Cells, and Text

Placement Points

Placement points are now also available for Graphic and Shared cells.

You will see a new setting added to the View Attributes dialog, Presentation section for Placement Points. This global setting controls the visibility of placement points on cells placed in a DGN. Cells that have the Show Placement Points selected in the reset menu will be toggled On or Off by the Placement Point setting in the View Attributes dialog.

In the cell definition file, placement points will highlight on the element when selected in the Parametric Components dialog, Placement Points list box.

New Filter available in the Cell Library Dialog

The Cell Library dialog now supports search and filter functionality for cells. You can use the List Filter tool to search for cells by Name, Description, or Type.

Parametric Cell Level Symbology Behavior

When you create a parametric cell on the Default level and set level attributes to By Level, on placement the cell will inherit attributes of the level it is placed on. You can change the level of the placed cell in the Properties dialog and manage the attributes in the Level Manager dialog.

If you create a parametric cell on a level other than the Default level, on placement, the cell will exhibit attributes set for the specific level in the cell definition file and not of the level it is placed on. You can manage the level attributes in the Level Manager dialog after placement.

When you create a parametric element from a profile, the resultant geometry inherits the profile’s level attributes. These attributes can be adjusted in the Properties dialog.


Two new Key-ins are now available for you to manage the size of Subscript and Superscript in your custom Text Styles:



Type in the key in followed by the desired scale value to adjust the superscript/subscript size.

Note: You will have to update the view to see the change. These key-ins are made available on request from our users.
This is a small change but very useful while working with superscripts and subscripts in Text.

Update 16.1 focuses primarily on continued stability, performance, and accommodating user requests in the product. You can see the comprehensive list of bugs fixed in Update 16 and Update 16.1 here.

Find out what else is new in this release in this Video.

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