New in MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 16.1 – Technology Preview and General Availability features

Associative Extraction converting smart solids

With update 16.1, Associative Extraction will treat a Smart solid as a Parametric solid before extracting an associative edge or face. After extraction, the parent Smart solid will get converted to a Parametric solid.

You can select a solid. Then select a Face or an Edge on the solid to extract and click enter to complete extraction of the geometry. The resultant Face or Edge will maintain an association with the parent solid after extraction.

Quick Element Information

This feature, available in V8i, is now made available in MicroStation CONNECT Edition with Update 16.1. Select the element, and use <Alt> + Right-click to invoke the General properties menu of the element. You can not only view the properties but also make edits to the attributes in this menu. This feature is available for all element types including Text, Annotations, and Line Styles.

Features moved to General Availability

Following are the Technology Preview features that are now commercially available for all users:

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