New in MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 16 – New setting in Synchronize View

With Update 16, The changes you make in your 3D design file, will replicate in all your drawings and sheets and other view attribute settings of the 3D model.

You can modify the View Attribute settings, Level display and reference display in your design file. When you change Synchronize View to Settings from Design Model in the Reference Presentation dialog, on opening drawings and sheets, changes from the design model propagate to drawings and sheets. This will allow you to copy the attributes of the current view (View 1) and copy it to all the drawings and sheets.

Additionally, you can also predefine settings in the Synchronize view Option from Drawingseed.dgnlib to inherit the same in all the following drawings and sheets automatically. For example, open Section_Metric and change Synchronize view option from Reference presentation.

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