New in MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 16 – (Public Technology Preview) - Sheet link and update Sheet properties

With MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 16 you can now modify and update the sheet index properties of a sheet in the Manage Sheet Index setting that is available in the Explorer Dialog, Sheet Index Tab. You can link any sheet model from any design file into a sheet index and manage the properties of all the sheet models within the sheet index together.

The two new settings within the Sheet Index are the Show Modified and Update All Sheet Properties. The Show Modified Setting Shows all modified sheets except sheets from active file, by turning sheet names to blue color. Sheets from sheet index tab can be modified in sheet properties using Manage Sheet Index dialog or Properties Dialog and all the changes in active files in the sheet model are automatically propagated. The sheet node properties are not synchronized with actual sheet model.

The Update All Sheet Properties setting updates sheet models with the recent changes made to the respective sheet nodes in the sheet index tab. It also restores the default color of the sheet name if 'Show Modified' setting is used previously. You can also update Text Fields in each sheet model for which the properties are propagated using ‘Update All Sheet Properties’

You can peek at the highlights of Update 16 in this quick video.

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