New in MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 17.1 – Attach Item Dialog enhancements

Update 17.1 brings to you small but useful enhancements to the Attach Item dialog. You can now be more productive while using item types in your workflows with these improvements.

Ability to resize the dialog

You can now resize the dialog as well as the individual property fields and the Text Style drop-down menu to fit your space needs.

Item Type selection

You can select an item type by selecting the corresponding check box or by clicking on the item type name in the list. You can select multiple item types to attach using the check box. The name of the item type you select will display at the top of the Properties section in the dialog. When no item is selected you will see an alert in the properties section asking you to select an item type.

Add, Delete, and sorting buttons available for array items

You will see Add, Delete, Move up and Move down buttons for array items in the properties section of the dialog. These buttons are available for property definitions that are Array or Array of property types. With Add and Delete you can add a new item or delete it. With Move up you can move a property’s value by one position and using Move down you can move a property’s value down by one position.

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