New in MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 17.2 – Item Types enhancements.

Along with the existing small enhancements, the following enhancements were made in the item types workflow for Update 17.2

Ability to place Item Type information as Text

With Update 17.2, you can place Item Type information as text in the DGN. The Display Text toggle allows you to display all item type properties when placed as text.

The property value can be placed as Text in the design. The placed text will maintain an association with the element. When this element is selected, the text property displays as a single Text Node in the Properties dialog.  If you move the element or delete it, the associated text will also move or get deleted.

Ability to use the update field in the Edit Item Dialog

You can now use the update field in the Edit Item dialog based on the following functionality.

  • Place Text -Allows you to place the Item Type properties as text in the design when there is no text placed from the selected properties.

  • Update -Allows you to save any changes made to the item type properties

  • Update and Place Text -Allows you to update and place modified values as text.


Ability to export empty item types to DWG and DXF formats

You can now export empty item type information (Item Types with no property values assigned) associated with elements in a DGN to DWG and DXF formats using the Save As DWG/DXF Options dialog. You can turn on the Export Empty Item Type Properties checkbox to enable saving to DWG and DXF formats with item type information.

 Value - Improvements to current Item Types features offers security in knowing your data is accurate across all projects.

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