New in MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 17 – Area Tools

If you often work with areas in your design, Update 17 introduces the Area tools ribbon group under the Analyze tab to simplify things for you. The tools available in this group will help you measure and calculate area and place it as text in the design. This will save you several clicks and a lot of time.

You can customize the area text by setting:

  • prefix
  • suffix
  • text style
  • parameters - conversion factor and decimal accuracy

You can also place the text as placeholder Text Fields.

Measure Area and Place Text - measure the area of any closed 2D shape and place the area as text in the design. 

You can choose to measure area using following methods:

  • element selection
  • flood
  • union
  • intersection
  • by points

To learn step by step how to use this tool and the various methods available with it read product Help.

Calculate Area and Place Text - calculate area by adding or subtracting areas of two or more shapes and place it as text.

Place Area and Place Text – Place an area block to measure the area and place area text. Quickly create an area block using data points and place its area as text in two simple clicks. 

Area Tool Parameters – set parameters for area text to be placed in the design here. Create frequently used prefixes and suffixes. Set conversion factor and decimal accuracy and other customizations as per project needs.

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