New in MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 17 – Manage Configuration

Manage Configuration

Create new configurations and manage existing configurations using the Manage Configuration tool available in Update 17. You can also create a ProjectWise Drive configuration to work with your project data and synchronize it with ProjectWise 365 work area connections.

You can access this feature from the WorkPage in MicroStation under Configuration. You can add new custom configurations and systematically manage the settings of existing configurations using this tool.

You can access the New Configuration or the Edit Configuration dialog by selecting Add or Edit button in the Manage Configurations dialog. 

Here you can choose the type of configuration you want to create. You can choose from Local, Network/Shared Drive, or ProjectWise Drive configuration.

You can view and make changes to the configuration variables for the WorkSpaceSetup.cfg in the Workspace Setup section. Turn on the Workspace Setup slider to see and manage the configuration variables.

Read – To Create a new Configuration

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