New in MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 5 - Parametric feature modeling: Using one input element in multiple features

MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 5 introduced a new, swift 3D modeling capability:  being able to use the same element as an input element for multiple features.

This apparently small enhancement gives you the potential of driving multiple features with a small number of elements or parameters.

In the example here below you can see how the same helical curve is used as a path for creating both the hand-rail and the array of posts for a spiral railing.

As you can see, modifying the spiral curve, which is used as path for both the extrusion and array along, affects both features at the same time.

This capability is available in virtually all 3D feature tools and does not require a specific, additional tool.

To use one geometrical element in multiple feature, you only have to make sure this element is visible and accessible when creating the subsequent features. This is done by simply right-clicking on the input element marker and selecting "Show Input Element" and in some tools, such as Extrude Along, you can set the input elements as "hidden or shown" at feature creation time.