New in MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 5 - Project Standards Sharing Service

Having a project member use an incorrect standard on a project is not only costly to the project, but also uses up time and resources on fixing the problem.  To help alleviate this potential problem, MicroStation CONNECT Edition offers the Project Standards Sharing Service that allows all CONNECTED Project team members to use the same set of standards.  This service allows automatic upload, download and update to the standards when a user enters MicroStation with that CONNECTED Project.

To utilize the standards sharing service, the project and team members need to be on a CONNECTED project.  From here, within MicroStation, you can then expand the “Show all Project Properties” from the Work page to share the project standards.

Clicking the “Share” button will then start the upload process for sharing the Standards.  The standards that are shared are the items in the “Standards” directory for that project. From the Project Screen project pane, you can click the “Standard Files” link to open the directory in Windows Explorer.

To update the Standards with newer files, using the “Share” button again will upload the latest versions to the Standards to the CONNECTED Project.  When a User then enters MicroStation again, the latest files will then be downloaded for use.

Below is the diagram of how the Project Standards Sharing Service Works.