New in MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 5: Protrusion Tool Enhancement

In MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 5, you now have a more advanced tool setting for Protrusion. Earlier you could only choose a direction for protrusion i.e. Forward, Back or Both, but now you can also choose to protrude a profile through a desired distance, up to a solid or a selected face of a solid.

Through setting offers the following options:

  • Up to body – Extends the protrusion up to the selected solid or surface.
  • Blind – Allows you to specify a distance up to which the profile is extended. You can specify the distance or link a variable for distance in the Distance field.
  • Selected Face – Protrudes the profile up to the selected face of a solid.

Following is the procedure to use the tool:

  1. Select the Protrusion tool.
  2. Select the Direction.
  3. Select the desired setting for the Profile.
  4. Select Up to body, Blind or Selected face in Through.
    If you select Blind, specify the distance in the Distance field.
  5. Select the Solid or Surface of protrusion.
  6. Select the protrusion profile.
    You see a preview of the protrusion.
  7. Enter a data point to accept the protrusion.

Watch the brief video below which demonstrates the use of this new setting: