New in MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 7 - Issue Resolution Service

The Markup and Redline workflow is always part of the design process.  The traditional way to do this is to print a copy of the design and have an engineer or field technician use a red pencil to markup the changes they want to the drawing.  Then that paper is handed back to a draftsperson and they “pick up” the redlines by making the changes to the digital drawing.

The Issue Resolution Service is a digital method of doing this workflow. It is a cloud based service that allows field and other personnel to identify and resolve issues during a project's life cycle. The primary focus of this service is to allow coordination between work in the field and in the office. In MicroStation, for a ProjectWise Project (formerly a CONNECTED Project), you can now view and manage issues added by users of Bentley Navigator (desktop or mobile) application, as punch list items.

The Workflow is:

  1. Bentley Navigator or a Power Platform application creates a issue during review and syncs to the Issue Resolution Service in the Cloud.
  2. Issues are synced to the Manage Issues dialog directly in the design application.
  3. Selecting the issue in the design application allows user to view issue details and zoom to a defined location in model.
  4. Engineer or draftsperson changes design file and updates fields and comments of punch list items and syncs changes back to service.
  5. Issue is synched to the Cloud and user can view changes made by engineer/draftsperson.

In Update 7, you will be able to Create Issues within the Power Platform applications, like MicroStation. These issues can be viewed and managed in the Manage Issues dialog in the Issue Resolution ribbon group.

Here we see two punch list items in the Manage Issues dialog of MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 7.

A punch list item is an issue associated with an element (or group of elements) in a drawing. You can double-click on the punch list item to zoom into the location of the issue in the drawing file. You can view details, attachments and comments associated with the punch list items and add new comments to them as needed. Finally, you can then sync these comments to the cloud by publishing a new i-model with the changes they made to the model.

The form for the issue can be opened to view the details for editing.