New in MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 6 - Online Help

Hurray! The Online Help is finally here. You no longer need to check the old static help for our products. MicroStation documentation is now officially available online.

Some of the key features of the online help are:

  • Accessibility from the product
  • Context sensitive
  • Always get up to date documentation
  • Ability to post comments
  • Advanced search options
  • Improved interface
  • Easy to share

How to Access Online Help?

From this update, MicroStation will by default open the Online Help. Pressing F1 or clicking the Help icon will pop-up a window mentioning that you will now be taken to the online help. Clicking OK will open the online help in your default browser. The pop-up window is displayed only the first time in a session.

You can also go to to check online documentation of other Bentley products.

Additionally, CONNECT Advisor also searches through Online Help content.

One thing to note is that you need to first sign into your Bentley User account to access online help.

In case you don’t have access to internet, you can view the offline web help which is installed by default on your machine. There is also a setting in the Preferences dialog, Help Settings category which allows you to choose which help should be opened.

Advanced Search

There are multiple advanced search options in online help to get you to the right topic. Click the Advanced Search link on the top-right corner to get the Advanced Search page.


A significant improvement in Bentley’s documentation deliverables is the provision for users to add comments. You can post comments, questions, or feedback on the content. This will help us improve the content and make it more useful.


Since all the information is online, it is very easy to share it across users. Just provide the URL link and anyone can access it.