New in MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 6: Scalable Meshes and ProjectWise ContextShare integration

MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 6 introduces support for the new scalable meshes file format. Scalable meshes are a new type of multi-resolution meshes that, amongst many advantages, offers faster processing, improved visualization and much better streaming performances for a more efficient and leaner handling of reality meshes.

You can attach scalable meshes that are stored locally or streamed from Bentley’s ProjectWise ContextShare. Scalable meshes can be consumed in the same way as the older 3mx meshes, without any additional step or change to your workflow.

MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 6 also introduces the new ContextShare Browser. This brand-new dialog allows users to attach reality models directly from the new ContextShare Cloud Service. All users with the right access and permissions to a ProjectWise CONNECTED Project can use the ContextShare Browser to access the reality data assigned to the project.