New in MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 8 - Place Label tool, Filter Cells by Element Properties [Technology Preview]

Labels are cells that can maintain an association to the element that is being labeled. The cell definitions can contain text fields that are evaluated based on the element being labeled.
The Cell Name drop-down in the Place Label tool can contain a long list of labels (usually a mix bag of cells with or without text fields). It can be overwhelming for a user to find, from the long list, the labels that contain text fields having properties of a particular element. With the new Update 8 feature of the Place Label tool- Filter Cells Names, users can now identify such labels.


  1. Launch the Place Label tool.
  2. The Cell Name drop-down will contain a list of all the Labels, primarily, originating from cell libraries, at a location pointed by MS_CELLLIST configuration variable.
  3. Select Filter Cells Names button (adjacent to the Cell Name drop-down).
  4. Select a filter element (say Arc) in the view window.
  5. The Cell Name drop-down now shows a filtered list of labels that contain text fields having properties of the selected filter element (Arc).
  6. To clear the applied filter, select Clear Filter button in the drop-down. The Cell Name will now show the list all the labels.