PokeIt for MicroStation — Select and View Elements Based on Attributes FROM Elements, Plus Much More

PokeIt is a MicroStation VBA application. It's used to select, isolate or hide elements based on their attributes, such as level, color, line style, etc. The filter criterion is populated from a selected, or "poked," element rather than from a list in a dialog box. See a demo of PokeIt on YouTube.

PokeIt is also used to create elements similar to a selected element.

There are also a couple of additional “bonus” commands, Invert Selection and Fence Subset.

The interface of PokeIt is the context menu, accessed with a right press and hold on an element..

This is version 7 of PokeIt, and it's compatible with the MicroStation CONNECT Edition.

Note: Installation instructions are in the included PDF file.

PokeIt v7.3.zip