"Sneak Peek" at Featured LEARN Course "Locate Geometry in the Correct Place on Earth"

"Locate Geometry in the Correct Place on Earth" is for anyone who uses a variety of geographic coordinate  systems or works with data from multiple sources & file formats. This course will help you resolve the challenges of diverse content integration, making your project data more valuable, and removing doubt in the accuracy of the data.

In “Locate Geometry in the Correct Place on Earth,” you will learn how to incorporate a Geographic Coordinate System (GCS) to locate civil design geometry in the correct geographic location.

  • You will define a Geographic Coordinate System and leverage it to incorporate data coming from other formats such as GIS shape files

  • Increase the accessibility of your project data by providing location not just based on one coordinate system

  • Integrate local geographic coordinates such State Plane, National Grid or Longitude/Latitude

  • Enhance the quality of your project by leveraging data in Google Maps and Earth.

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