Smart 3D Modeling Blog Series: Designing a Variable Sized Ladder - Blog 4 of 4

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Sample DGN file for this blog series is shared here.

Creating an Array of the Rung

In the previous blog, we saw how to create a rung. Now, we will create an array of the rung to complete the ladder design.

  1. Start the Array Feature tool.
  2. Make the following settings in the Array Feature tool settings window:
    1. Array Type – Rectangular
    2. Array About – Feature
    3. Angle – Select the Array_Angle variable
    4. Rows – Select the Number_Of_Steps variable
    5. Columns – Set it to 1
    6. Row Spacing – Select the Array_Row_Spacing variable
    7. Column Spacing – Set it to 1
    8. Whole Element - Off
  3. Select the step.
  4. Note: If the array isn’t being placed at the correct angle, you will have to adjust the Array_Angle variable to fix it.
  5. Enter a data point.

Now the ladder design is ready. Open the Variables dialog and change to Variations in it to adjust the ladder to different values of variables.