Smart 3D Modeling Blog Series: Parametric Sliding Door and Partition Assembly - Blog 2 of 2

We created a basic 2d profile for the Sliding door and Partition in the previous blog.  Now we will use Solid by Extrusion tool to create the  3d assembly and then apply variations to it. Following are the steps for the same:

  1. In Isometric view, turn off the constraints in View Attributes.
  2. Using the Solid by Extrusion tool extrude the two panel profiles through distance associated with the Panel_height variable and the door profile through distance associated with Door_height variable. 
  3. In the Display Styles dialog, set Display (Render Mode) to Visible Edges and change the color of the door so that it can be easily identified.
  4. Change view to Front and draw a rectangle profile on the door.
  5. Apply the following constraints to the edges of the rectangle:
    • Cut_height
    • Cut_width
    • Cut_distance_bottom
    • Cut_distance_side
    • Parallel
    • Perpendicular
  6. Now switch to Isometric view and create a cut on the door using the Cut Solid with Curve tool, to indicate the panel and frame of the door leaf.

The parametric sliding door and panel assembly is ready. Now you can check for variations by changing the variations in the Variables Dialog.

(You can download the sample DGN for this blog here. To read other blogs in this series for parametric modeling click here).