Text Favorites Manager - New in MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 8 [Technology Preview]

MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 8 now provides a way to manage Text Favorites so that you can create, edit, modify and delete your favorites.  The Text Favorite Manager can be accessed from the Text Editor, by selecting “Manage” in the Favorites drop down.

With the new Text Favorite Manager, you quickly gain the ability to access text fields more easily when creating your favorite.  The Text Fields in the Text Favorite Manager has also been enhanced to enable you to create a favorite utilizing Element Properties.  This provides you the capability to more readily place pieces of text with Place Holder fields to help promote your files to be successfully data driven.

With text favorites now using Element Properties, updating these fields are automatically based on the properties.  This results in increased reliable annotations in your drawings!

Figure 1 – Original Annotation placed on line at 5000.00mm length.

Figure 2 – Line modified using the Modify Element Tool.  Notice Line Length Text Favorite automatically updated with Text Field.

*Please note that in order for your newly created text favorites to appear, you will need to restart the Text Editor for it to reload the favorites.

You’ll also notice that the Text Favorite Manager allows you to categorize and order your favorites based upon your needs for standards.