Time for Change – Help Your Colleagues Switch to MicroStation CONNECT Edition

The MicroStation CONNECT Edition is a continuously evolving application. With its frequent updates, CONNECT Edition introduces new features and enhancements that are driven mostly by user feedbacks and forum discussions to better serve the Bentley user community. Each new feature or enhancement serves to enhance workflows and speeds up project delivery.

However, it is undeniable that MicroStation V8i has proven to be a very stable platform for design and engineering projects for Bentley users for over 10 years now. Many users are reluctant to let go of the comfort of using their familiar MicroStation V8i and upgrade to MicroStation CONNECT Edition. But nonetheless, we should keep in mind that future development of V8i has ceased. With changing technologies, users need advanced features and services that increase productivity, ease workflows and cut down project delivery time significantly.

As an early adopter you already understand of the benefits of using the CONNECT Edition of MicroStation. But, not everyone in your organization understands its advantages yet. You, as an early adopter, can evangelize CONNECT Edition in your organization. Here is how you can help your colleagues who are working on V8i benefit from and gradually make the transition.

As with any new technology or idea, getting colleagues on board is bound to trigger some resistance in the beginning. The intensity of resistance however depends on the skills they have, how they relate to each other and you in the organization and what the processes and principles are that influence their behavior.

Here are a few links and tools to help you understand your role and prepare a strategy that will work for colleagues in your organization:



You must strategize your approach based on the different roles of colleagues:

1.    CAD managers:

Migration Plan:

To win over the CAD managers, you can help them learn how to build a successful migration plan. The Configuration Assistant (previously known as the Configuration Migration Wizard) that is built into MicroStation CONNECT Edition can really simplify and speed-up the process of migrating legacy V8i workspaces.

Understanding Configuration Assistant

No need to migrate all V8i projects in one go

Hybrid Installations:

MicroStation CONNECT Edition can coexist with MicroStation V8i on the same workstation. Such a parallel installation allows the user to work on the version required for each project or client. New projects can be delivered using CONNECT Edition while completing existing ones using V8i. As an early adopter of CONNECT Edition you can assist other V8i users to learn about and master advanced CONNECT Edition features.

        Installation of both versions on the same machine eases the adoption of CONNECT Edition allowing users to become familiar with the new user interface and capabilities while continuing productively on V8i.

5 Easy Steps to Create a Hybrid WorkSet in the MicroStation CONNECT Edition.

Subscription Entitlement:

The new Entitlement Management Service replaces the older SELECT Server License management system and provides enhanced security and optimized value for Bentley subscription. Things to be aware of include:

  • It requires users to sign in to CONNECTION Client to activate and access MicroStation
  • License activation keys are no longer required to activate MicroStation
  • Account administrators will have the ability to receive notifications and create alerts to manage unintended use of term licenses
  • Users can be alerted prior to reaching the product usage threshold in order not to generate a term license

         Subscription Entitlement Service

         Entitlement Management Service

2.    Colleagues:

Different colleagues will react differently to change. Irrespective of the personality type of a colleague, CONNECT Edition has something for everyone. Focus on discussing the most used features in V8i and their workflows in CONNECT. Evangelize features in CONNECT that are inferior in V8i or missing completely. The following are a few to consider:

  • Sheet tracking and ordering
  • Tables
  • Item types and property- driven reporting and annotation
  • Explorer
  • Parametric modeling, parametric cells
  • Reality modeling support for ContextCapture reality meshes
  • CONNECT services like Issue Resolution Service, Standards Sharing, ProjectWise Share, and CONNECT Advisor
  • Online help
  • Bing Maps can be used as background images
  • Expanded interoperability with support for multiple file formats and versions

For all colleagues, especially the reluctant ones, it is best to get them acquainted with CONNECT Advisor and the Help Tab in the CONNECT Edition. Along with Help, CONNECT Advisor will provide easy access to training content, blog articles, YouTube videos and a lot more to the new users and make them feel empowered.

Identify the pain points of the V8i users and assist them with your expertise in CONNECT Edition. For example, a colleague working on creating and maintaining bills of material and quantity take-offs will save time using the place tables tool in CONNECT Edition. If the project demands being on V8i you can assist them with the creation of advanced tables in CONNECT which they can import in their V8i DGNs and print.

You can give a brown bag presentation of ‘Top cool features in MicroStation CONNECT Edition’. You can also introduce users to a few features of CONNECT to start with, ask them to take advantage of the mixed environment on their workstations and get hands-on experience with the CONNECT Edition features in their spare time.

Tech Talk: 3 Steps to Upgrading to MicroStation CONNECT Edition

Best of MicroStation CONNECT Edition Updates

MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update13 - Improved Quality Release 

Lead by example – You can of course set an example for others with your own work on the CONNECT Edition. Share your experiences and wins with colleagues. Expect to be called for help when a colleague is trying out a feature in CONNECT.

3.    Management

Some pointers to bring to the attention of management:

  • No additional costs involved
  • CONNECT Edition tools can be used to boost productivity and greatly reduce delivery time
  • Since all design files are forward and backward compatible, even if we must work with older-formats for project deliverables, CONNECT Edition can be used right away for faster, smarter work
  • Take advantage of new valuable CONNECT services and be leaders in the industry
  • With Entitlement Management Service, you can more effectively monitor and manage license usage and utilization.

If you are or wish to be a MicroStation CONNECT Edition evangelist in your organization, and you find this article helpful, please connect with us for more information or assistance with MicroStation CONNECT Edition. Please find a template email you can use to communicate with key people in your organization and a slide deck that can be used for brownbag presentations in your organization. (In order to access the Email template/Slide Deck, users need to sign in to the Bentley Account. Click on the blue Download button on the right to download)