Tips for the Ribbon UI

1. Switch between Ribbons (Workflows)

Press # to see this pop-up:

Press the number to pick the workflow.

2. To find tools see Dan Eng's blog on searching the Ribbon: Where did that Tool go?

3. Scroll horizontally through the Ribbon tabs by clicking anywhere on the Ribbon and rolling your mouse wheel. (also see help topic 'Switching Between the Tabs in a Workflow')

4. If you liked Position Mapping in V8i it can be turned on again in your preferences with the following steps:

In Preferences > Position mapping tick as shown below. 'Use Position Mapping' turns it on, 'Show Position mapping Aids' adds the Position Mapping letters to the ribbon captions.

To retain the very useful Q pop-up menu, delete Q from the letters used by Tasks & Ribbon.

Optionally you can also change the appearance of the pop-ups from the Ribbon style Groups to the previous menu style:

Group Popup:


Menu, use the numbers to pick the tool or sub-menu tool: