Understanding Configuration Assistant

Starting with the MicroStation CONNECT Edition, Bentley has been releasing quarterly updates as a method of continuous improvement.

The Configuration Migration Wizard was added to Update 4 of the MicroStation CONNECT Edition. It helped migrate legacy V8i Workspaces to the MicroStation CONNECT Edition’s Configuration.

Configuration Migration accomplished three main tasks.

  • It identified any MicroStation V8i based products on the machine and listed the location of the default Workspaces.
  • In those workspaces or in a location of your choosing, it converted any User, specifically the .ucf to a WorkSpace based .cfg.
  • It converted any Project, specifically the .pcf to a WorkSet based cfg.

The Configuration Migration Wizard did not change the location of your V8i data such as .dgn files and the Workspace configuration files. It simply created .cfg files that pointed to them, in effect, the MicroStation CONNECT Edition pointed to the MicroStation V8i location.

In an effort of continuous improvement, beginning with Update 12 of the MicroStation CONNECT Edition, we introduce you to the new Configuration Assistant.

This tool will quickly become your best friend, a sort of automated MicroStation CONNECT magician in a box. The Configuration Assistant is designed to help you create a CONNECT based Configuration from an existing V8i based Workspace.

The new Configuration Assistant accomplishes a few more tasks than Configuration Migration.

  • Identifies installed MicroStation and MicroStation based products on your machine and lists the default WorkSpaces for each product.
  • Converts legacy User (.ucf) to WorkSpace (.cfg).
  • Converts legacy Project (.pcf) to WorkSet (.cfg).
  • Moves Site level configuration (by default set to ..\\WorkSpace\Standards) to Organization level (..\\Configuration\Organization\).
  • Optionally copies all the project data files.

Configuration Assistant is a fantastic tool, but it is a bit different than the previous Configuration Migration Wizard.

Configuration Assistant will still identify any MicroStation V8i based products on your machine and lists the location of the default Workspaces.

Configuration Assistant lets you define where the destination of the new MicroStation CONNECT based WorkSpace and its associated WorkSets are to be located. It will configure the MicroStation CONNECT Edition to look for its configuration at this new location, in addition to what it is currently using.

Configuration Migration will migrate a set of Workspace configuration files, with this being a combination of a V8i “User” and “Project”. These are migrated to a MicroStation CONNECT Edition WorkSpace and WorkSet. It does not automatically convert all Projects (.pcf files) within the workspace, you can choose. The first time this is run, it will convert the selected Users (.ucf) and matching groups of Project (.pcf). Each subsequent time it is run on that the User the user configuration file will already have been converted, and just the additional Project will be processed with the resulting WorkSet being placed into the existing WorkSpace.

Running Configuration Migration is simple. After selecting the V8i-based product from the drop down, the Configuration Assistant will read a valid MicroStation V8i-based workspace configuration.

Again, a combination of a .ucf and a .pcf, the Configuration Assistant will display both Workspace and Project.

One other differentiator is that Configuration Assistant will not only migrate the V8i Workspaces (Users) but you can choose to also migrate any data files as well. So rather than just taking a .ucf and creating a .cfg, it can also clone or copy the data to your desired location.

You can also selectively pick MicroStation V8i Users or migrate all of the Users. It also lets you do the same for Projects, but keep in mind WorkSets (MicroStation CONNECT equivalent of a Project) are tied to ONE particular WorkSpace.

From there you define where the destination of the new WorkSpace is to be located. This can be inside the MicroStation CONNECT Edition, or any custom location of your choosing. And the best part, there is no extra configuration needed. MicroStation will edit the correct variable to locate your new WorkSpace and WorkSet location.

Once the location is chosen, an informational dialog appears informing you if the migration was successful, listing each and every User and Project that was migrated to the MicroStation CONNECT Edition’s WorkSpace and WorkSet.

Give Configuration Assistant a try today, not only a great new tool to assist in migrating your User and Projects to WorkSpace and WorkSets but also a great example of continuous improvement of the MicroStation CONNECT Edition.