Where did that Tool go?

As with any change to a User Interface, there is going be time spent poking around and checking out the latest tools and features. There is also going to be time spent re-orientating yourself with the tools that you are accustomed to working with on a day to day basis. With the updated User Interface of MicroStation CONNECT Edition, you may find yourself trying to figure out where that beloved tool that you used and know that existed in MicroStation V8i (unless it has been deprecated) has gone or moved. To help with that, MicroStation CONNECT edition now has a new search capability that makes it easy to find that tool.


The search is conveniently located on the top right hand side of the Ribbon.

Start typing in the name of the tool and the search will yield a list that you can simply select and use. It also will show you where to get it next time from the ribbon.

This is a quick and easy way to help aid in finding the tools in this updated User Interface!