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Trial version


I would like to know wheter there is any trial version of microstation v8 or anything similar (even if it is very limited). Does anyone know?

thank you in advance

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  • Depends on a number of factors... Bentley SELECT subscribers have access to products to "evaluate" them (that is one of the many benefits to that program.) In some instances, you might be able to obtain an *evaluation" of a specific CURRENT release of a Bentley product -- you would need to contact our Sales team for more information.


  • If you have the V8 software, you can just install that without the license. It works in demonstration mode without it. As you may have guessed there are limits to its use. At startup it will tell you you are in demonstration mode and that It will only work for 15 minutes. You will have to click OK.  You can then work for 13 minutes and then you'll get a warning that you have 2 minutes left. When your 15 minutes have expired, you're out. It will do that each time. After several days of use the warning at startup will not allow you to click OK right away, you'll have to wait an extra minute. The next day you'll have to wait an extra minute.... continues on like that. I am not familiar with other versions without the license.

    Demonstration mode is good for getting to know the program, it is nog good for producion. I suggest you upgrade your current license asap, since it is well worth it.

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