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Inserting a PDF or other image into drawing

We have circumstances at times where we have a dgn that we would like to insert a picture from a PDF file.

We have tried several different ways to do this without achieving the desired result.

We have tried saving the PDF as a .jpg file and using File>Import>Image. This gives us a pretty clear image on the screen but when we print it is not even close to readable.

We have also tried leaving it as a PDF file and using Edit>Insert Object. This gives us a more blurry shot on screen and is also not even close to being legible when we print.

It doesnt seem to be our printer because we have tried the same thing with AutoCad and got a better result. Just wondering if there is a trick we are missing. We would like it legible on screen and when you print.

 Thanks for the help!!

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  • Have you tried to attach the JPEG image in Raster Manager? This should get you better results.

     This is a test

  • In reply to Pascal Cloutier:

    Sorry I forgot to mention that. We do get better results (although not much better) using that method.

     The only problem is the way we store our drawings we cant leave a raster image attached because it will lose its association with the drawing everytime the drawing is sent back to storage. Leaving just a blank space on the drawing when someone else opens it. So the use of raster manager is really not an option in this case.

    Any other ideas or is it just tough luck?

  • In reply to j.shuck:

    Try printing to Tiff using a free print driver. Here  are several of my threads about the FreePDF(formerly BullZIP) printer.

    HTH - Roy

  • If you have a full version of Adobe (not just the reader) you can open the PDF in question and SAVE AS a .tiff file.  Then bring in the .tiff image through Raster Manager.

    A lot of times when we have a PDF that we convert to .tiff and the image is blurred we've found that the PDF image itself was of poor quality due to it being a copy of a copy turned into a PDF or in some cases the original document was poor quality.

  • Hi,

    You can attach the pdf page directly in Raster Manager. Then you can clip the page display to see only the image.

    If you happen to have Descartes, you can export it to a raster file at the resolution you selected using the "Merge" tool.



  • In reply to Yves Boivin:

    Yves Boivin:
    You can attach the pdf page directly in Raster Manager.

    Only in versions 8.9 & above not in MS V8 2004.

  • In reply to Roy Gallier:

    Yes you are right, I should specified that. But since the version number is not written in the question, it may be the user solution.

  • But the version is specified in that this is  a  V8 2004 forum


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