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Attaching geotagged photos into dgn file


I am struggling with the following problem. I got hundreds of pictures taken along a highway.
All pictures are in jpeg format. I have a dgn file with a Geographic CS set
and now I need to attach this jpeg files to this dgn file at positions where these photos were taken.

I understand that this photos can not be georeferenced, but I need that its origin would be the same
as GPS position written into the geotag.

For now I use Google Earth and have attached this photos into this program. I have tried to save this photos into the kml file,
then to convert kml into shp file and attach shp into dgn file. With no success which is not surprising at all



MSTN v8i SS3

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  • Adam,

    There are two ways I can think of to get these photos in the correct position.

    1. Open the ACS dialog and make your geographic cs the active ACS. Open RasterManager and place the photo interactively using ax= key-ins to enter the long,lat corner locations of the image.

    2. Place the image in a different model at any random location. Using the KML Placemarks tool in the Geographic toolbox put placemarks at known locations. Then use the create coordinate system from placemarks tool to create a custom cs. From there you can geo-reference this model to your master model.
    I believe there is a CR filed to allow Raster Manager to place images like this. Unfortunately we are left with work-arounds like this until then.
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    That is what I was afraid of. If I had a few photos that wouldn't be a problem. I have hundreds, so adding this photos manually would take ages. I wish it would work like Picassa and Google Earth.

    An idea is to extract  lat/long info form EXIFF and create macro that would attach pictures at this location. Unfortunately that exceeds my possibilities.

    I wish I could not only be able to attach geotagged jpeg but just put markers with links to pictures into the dgn.

    if you know ST or CR reference number , please drop me a line.


  • In reply to Adam Wieczorek:

    You might also want to look into a tool that creates a .tfw world file from a geotiff image. with the world file raster manager would be able to place it correctly.

    Here is a link to one that I found.

  • In reply to Adam Wieczorek:

    Hi Adam,

    You can find the information on the CR here :



  • In reply to Mathieu St-pierre:

    Hi Adam,

    a customer of mine had almost the same problem.

    I provided a solution that scans a directory for EXIF photos and then creates cells with hyperlinks on it at the correct position. If you are interested in that solution, please contact me.

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