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Joining Line Strings

I'm trying to find a V8 version of a mdl app I had back in V7. It was called and had the ability to join line strings. I used it to join line strings that were on the same level to form a complex chain. I used this rather than the create complex chain command as this mdl required no user interaction.

it had these command line swtches

-a - stroke ARCS to tolerance (no)
-c<[+/-]n> - change-COLOR for joins (no)
-e - ERROR-tolerance radius (0.1)
-f - output FILE for logging results
-g{[y][lcws]} - lvl/col/wgt/sty must be SAME to GROUP (all yes)
-h - dump this HELP/usage text
-j{[y][lcws]} - lvl/col/wgt/sty must be SAME to JOIN (all yes)
-l - LEVELS to process (1-63)
-p{]- PRIORITY level to output
-t - TYPES to process (3,4,11)
-o{]- lvl/col/wgt/sty ONLY mixed to


If nobody knows of a V8 version can someone suggest a way to join the line strings. 

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  • You can select all the lines you want, then select the edit command and then group.
  • In reply to EHALL:

    Grouped elements arenot chains are they?

    I have a real dislike for the chain tool in ustn. It would be nice to be able to select all the elements you want to join into chains and then join them vs. having to pick each element one at a time. The Auto mode does not give enough control such as when you want to stop the chain at a certain point. If the grouping method you mentioned can creaate a chain that would be a great soluton. Our civil design software requires chains, not grouped elements, to work with.

    Neil Wilson (aka Neilw)

    Power Civil v8i

    AutoCAD Civil 3D 2013

  • In reply to EHALL:

    No, grouping doesn't help as the elements in the group can't be modified with the Modify Element tool - something we would often do afterwards.
  • Here's a copy of the old version. Maybe it or it's help file can help your search since it contains the author's name.

    Good luck....


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