DImension Extension lines in DWG

Could someone confirm for me why the extension symbology of a DImension Style is not converted to DWG? DWG can support extension line linetypes.

For example, in a DGN file, you have a Dimension style where the Symbology > Extension Lines > Style is set to 4. When this converts to DWG, the Linetype ext line 1 and 2 are set incorrectly to ByBlock.

Similarly, if you open a DWG in MIcroStation that has Linetype ext line 1 and 2 set to, for example, Center, MicroStation greys this option out and sets them to 0.

The Help file states:

  • Set the Style to be the same as the style of the active dimension element. Do not use different line styles on dimension components (dimension lines, extension lines, terminators, and text).

But there doesn't seem to be a reason for this as extension lines can be modified in both DGN and DWG Dim styles.


  • Good catch - apparently this feature has been added into AutoCAD (probably since 2010).  We shall remove this restriction from the default DWG workmode.  As a workaround at your end, you can add _USTN_CAPABILITY_DWG < +CAPABILITY_DIMENSION_LSTYLE_OVERRIDE in your workspace.  Keep in mind though, older DWG versions still do not support linestyle overrides on extension lines.

    Answer Verified By: Phil Chouinard