[V8i] Exporting Element Information to DWG File

I am part of a roadway design team working in Bentley MicroStation, and we need to provide our 3D models to the construction team who will be using Autodesk products (Navisworks, Civil3D and BIM 360 Glue).  I'm looking for way to export to DWG so that as much of the metadata/attributes on the elements transfers over as possible.  For example, I'd like to information under the "Component" category to somehow be accessible in the DWG file (perhaps in the property description - or other appropriate place, but ON the element).  Any suggestions?  I've got experience with VBA, so I'm assuming that'll be my tool to get the job done, I just don't know what the job will entail yet.  Thanks for your input!

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  • you not using plain mstn your got some addon ....

    how are you creating component information ..are you also using some civil addons like inroads ?

    please detail your work flow...


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