DWG to DGN Linestyle issue

I had a user open a dwg in Microstation, then do a Save As to dgn. When I open the file, there are certain linestyles that are not being displayed correctly (small dashes with a "?" symbol). This happens only in my office. It displays fine on the original user's computer\office. The linestyles that don't show are from a client's .rsc file. We both have the same Workspace\settings including MS_SYMBRSRC.

After looking at various scenarios, it seems that the linestyles get written to the dgn during the Save As and that my computer is not reading it correctly from the dgn. In a new file I can draw these linestyles, I can reference>Merge the dwg and display the linestyle correctly. I can open other dgn files and display these linestyles correctly.

I am not sure where to look anymore. Any direction on where to look\check next?