CADDuct Object Enabler?

Hi Don,

We are working in V8i. Aecosim.

We need to be able to reference dwg's produced by CADDuct. Alternatively, convert them to dgn.

Is there an OE for CADDuct?

Many Thanks


  • CADDuct might have been renamed to Autodesk Fabrication(perhaps the vendor was acquired by Autodesk)?  Check Autodesk website and search for the OE.  You may still find the version you need.  Keep in mind that not all OE's and/or versions are created equal.  Some work better than others, and some may not work at all.

    We know that Fabrication OE 2018 crashes RealDWG 2018.  Autodesk has been made aware of the issue.

  • Thanks, Don !

    So, I found a download for the OE here.

    If we need to convert the CADDuct objects to something that Mstn will recognise (without having to explode everything in ACAD) what would we need to do?

  • Just install it and try opening a CADDuct file.  If the installer does the job required by Autodesk as an object enabler, and its code works correctly, you should be able to open a CADDuct file in a Power Product and see your objects.  If you did not see missing OE message in the Message Center, then you know the OE works; otherwise it does not.

  • Object Enablers are not required to open the file, but fidelity is generally improved if they are present. The missing enablers are listed below with information about the vendors that might help you find the enabler. If you believe you already have the enabler, verify that it is the correct version and properly installed.

    Object Enablers are missing found for the following applications:

    In file 'M:\Elem\10-11-17.dwg', Model 'Model':

    Application: ATEXT
    AutoCAD Express Tool
    Enabler needed by 0 nongraphic objects, 1 graphic objects

    Application: Maps_Solids                        
    Product Desc:     Autodesk Fabrication CADmep                        
    Company:          Autodesk, Inc                        
    WEB Address:
    Enabler needed by 0 nongraphic objects, 11980 graphic objects (11980 do not have proxy graphics and will not display)

  • If the OE you have installed matches the RealDWG version used on the version of AECOSim and it is for Win x32, chances are that the installer has not added its registry the RealDWG.  If you really want to know that for sure, check your registry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Bentley\ObjectDBX\AECOsimBuildingDesigner\08.11.09\<ACAD internal version>\Applications\ for Fabrication OE key.  Fabrication OE 2018 has the key as Maps_Solids and its installer places the key under the shared Autodesk registry.  It probably used the same key for the version you use, but I can't guarantee that.  If the key indeed is missing, you can probably find it from where the installer placed in your registry and copy it to above AECOSim location.  If the OE works as it should, you may actually see its objects enabled in AECOSim.