Thematic height display - export to other cad formats

Is it possible to export a dgn file to dwg, or any other cad formats, and still have the thematic height display working? My tests so far only shows that it will work when exporting to 3D pdf. Can we in microstation turn the display style in to a material somehow, if is possible i guess it will work for me.

Im using microstation connect u10

  • Hi

    Okay, thanks for the tip!

    Here is a bit more background information. I wanted to convert my dgn in to another cad format so it could be viewed/ used in a third party software ( navisworks mostly ). Idealy a cad format such as dwg/step would be best, but could also try formats such as FBX/OBJ. I can also use the file in the DGN format, but only as long as the thematic height map is showing up in the third party software.

    Im trying this on a 3D dgn file with height map display on a mesh terrain element. If i export this file to dwg the heigthmap display is lost, if i convert to 3D PDF it will show up ( but without the height legend ). If i export to FBX i get it kind of working... For FBX, as long as i assigne the thematic height display directly to the mesh element, it will work. But only if the element is not part of a cell, and all levels will also get lost during the convertion to FBX. So not realy a good solution. I was hoping there was some way of just turning the displaystyle in to a material in the dgn file, but so far i am not able to make that work.


  • again, snipping to copy the legend, then use raster manager to add the jpg version of legend , then print 3d pdf and legend should be there as well as the thematic mapping....


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