U11 - export issues.

I am finding that with each increase in Connect version, exporting to dwg and dgn is becoming more and more difficult. Regularly finding MS taking upwards of 5mins to export to both dwg AND dgn. 

Strangely, dgn is a bigger issue, commonly omitting elements, or exploding solids into lines. Something that should(or used to) take seconds or minutes via batch process is now taking me a day or so at a time to manually perform. 

I have found that copying files and manually merging references in is much quicker and more robust than merging through save-as/export. 

The message window from time to time displays 'Invalid Seed File' however, when I check my configuration, the seed files are correctly 

  • Duncan

    I have also found this.  CE11 is to date extremely slow at converting DWG files.  from my findings the more reference files you have the longer it takes, even if the reference files display is OFF

    As most of my clients have a DWG deliverable, it means they have to use both V8i and CE, yet V8i us no longer supported, so Bentley please get this fixed as a matter of urgency.

    In fact, there are a lot of CE issues addressed in this forum that make CE inferior to V8i and these issues MUST be addressed in the upcoming updates.  new tools are all well and good, but if the fundamentals are worse than V8i, it is not a good sign for the future of Bentley.

    If you need real tester PLEASE ASK.  The users pay $$$$$$ for software that they need to work and consistently work time after time after time.......


  • Agreed Ian. 

    The most baffling thing though is that in early versions of Connect, dwg and dgn conversion was far superior to V8i. It was one of the main reasons that encouraged me to move to Connect, as I found it was solving lots of V8i issues. 

    There is a lot of Connect bashing, and most of it rightly so. However, since I have migrated to Connect, the number of issues I have to deal with is significantly less. I find it has solved more issues than it has created(though the ones it has created are fairly major)


    That does not mean I am happy to accept issues that prevent me from issuing my work. 

  • I never use CE to convert to dwg as have never managed to get it to produce something that is similar to SS4. It may be a setting but I have never solved it!

  • I have had 1000000000x better results with DGN to DWG file from CE.  its just the speed that is the issue

  • For me the speed issue converting from DGN to DWG can be really bad...

    Try a 3D dgn file that has many solid primitives, this is where i see the biggest speed problem. In V8i the same file can take 1-2min. , in connect i normaly give up after 10-15min. and just kill the session... Since i need solids also in the dwg file, i have not other choise then revert to V8i to do this task.