[Connect] Is Microstation CE a valid DWG - Editor?


After years using V8i Microstations reading and writing DWG-files had got a lot better.

But often things in detail did not work as an ACAD user would imaging: (entity changing, unsupported tag name  size, not usable or deleted layer filters, no layer states functions ,  nested layer filter issues, text position changing issues , multi leader getting blocks(shared Cell), shared cell issues, no in place cell editor, Level 0 display issues for Block , no DWG annotation scaling,  paper space print border size changing and and and .). Is there a complete list?

What has changed with CE? Do we got DWG INPUT = DWG OUTPUT.

Times ago, Bentley marketing was stating Microstation and DGN v8 the "superseding DWG" ;-)

So the question is:  Is CE a valid and useful DWG-editor when the DWG entity settings and AEC format is described in detail by a customer?

Regards and a happy new year

  • MicroStation CONNECT Edition, and the previous V8i SELECTseries, have used the RealDWG Libraries supplied by Autodesk for a while now. Most of the concepts and capabilities from the AutoCAD DWG file format have been considered when looking at the similar concept or entity within Bentley's software. I would not see that the DGN format would "supersede" the DWG format as we are two separate companies with our own business decisions about how our software works. You might like to read up in the on-line Help Documentation regarding how MicroStation can Open / Modify / Save As the DWG format.

    Working With DWG Files

    RealDWG and Object Enablers

    Andrew Bell
    Technical Support
    Bentley Systems

    Answer Verified By: Frank Klein