[Connect] Is Microstation CE a valid DWG - Editor?


After years using V8i Microstations reading and writing DWG-files had got a lot better.

But often things in detail did not work as an ACAD user would imaging: (entity changing, unsupported tag name  size, not usable or deleted layer filters, no layer states functions ,  nested layer filter issues, text position changing issues , multi leader getting blocks(shared Cell), shared cell issues, no in place cell editor, Level 0 display issues for Block , no DWG annotation scaling,  paper space print border size changing and and and .). Is there a complete list?

What has changed with CE? Do we got DWG INPUT = DWG OUTPUT.

Times ago, Bentley marketing was stating Microstation and DGN v8 the "superseding DWG" ;-)

So the question is:  Is CE a valid and useful DWG-editor when the DWG entity settings and AEC format is described in detail by a customer?

Regards and a happy new year