[Connect(ORD)] Working with a R2018 DWG - Loss of Viewports

I am actually using Open Roads Designer 2018 R3. Today a user had a DWG file that could not open. Our users are still in MicroStation Ss3. So I opened it in ORD and then saved it as a DGN so she could decide what her next step was. I had not checked on the release number, so I re-opened the file and while I could now see the release number, the sheet layout and its viewports were gone. I had to delete the file and re-export it from ProjectWise to restore the file, which I am now opening as read-only.

Can anyone explain why this particular workflow was necessary?

I also am not a fan of the Open Read Only method. I much preferred the check box approach. This new method, as soon as you change it from Open to Open Read Only the selected file opens. 

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